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Our vineyards feel the bright sun of Serra d’Ossa through the cork oaks of Herdade da Candeeira, that weave a mantle of lace light that embellishes and refreshes them. The art of winemaking and storing wine in clay dates back approximately 8,000 years. At Herdade da Candeeira, we embrace this tradition alongside modernity, incorporating the elegance and freshness that characterize these wines.

Tasting Notes

Ruby in color, with a fresh earthy character and intense aromas of fresh fruit. The palate is rough but velvety and fresh.


  • Blend of grape varieties

Vinification and Aging

Nighttime harvest, followed by fermentation in a controlled-temperature stainless steel lagar, followed by a 20-month aged using an ancestral method in terracotta amphorae.


Game dishes, typical Portuguese food cooked in pots and ovens, red meats.